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Ikka in & as RAPMAN

Ikka, one of the most versatile and hard hitting artists of all time is back with a new mission, to win over the world with his rap. Raj Comics presents RAPMAN. No one is oblivious to the fact that Ikka has a lot of love and a special place in his heart for Raj Comics.
As a product of this love and Raj Comics' passion for new, we have come up with this first of a kind project. Possibly the first collaboration between a music artist and comics in India.

Read this short action packed comic which sees the music icon Ikka don the avatar of RAPMAN to defeat the symbolic monotony and spread his love for music all over the world.


Based on the song 'RAPMAN' by Ikka.
Character Concept by Manoj Gupta & Ayush Gupta
Art & Script by Anupam Sinha


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