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Nagraj Strikes: The Attack of Coronaman

Raj Comics presents Nagraj Strikes: The Attack of the Coronaman, a comic book based on the epidemic the country is facing right now. The issue comes in as a tribute to all the medical workers, authorities and other people battling it and is also an effort to reinforce the prevention measures in the minds of people.

The short comic book is written down by Manoj Gupta, co-creator of Nagraj, along with Ayush Gupta. While the art is done by Aswin Amarnath R.

A few days ago, as you may know, Raj Comics and other Indian Comics were getting viral throughout the social media and that’s when we realized that we can actually reach out to people with a positive message too.

Ultimately, we at Raj Comics hope that this comic book aids and reinforces the government’s efforts and brings us a tiny step closer to coming out of this pandemic.

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